BXB Digital’s cloud-based software solutions, powered by BRIX™, provide near real-time monitoring and analysis across the supply chain, with asset tracking, inventory management and visibility into goods flows and their condition.

Data-Driven Solutions

Cloud-based solutions provide near real-time monitoring and analysis tracking, inventory management, and visibility into goods movement and condition.

Digitized Assets

Solutions include a variety of device technologies that are integrated with our shipping platforms, for a range of data acquisition and connectivity capabilities.

Integrated Operations

Seamless integration of digitized platforms, operations and processes means no cost to own or maintain, and no disruption of existing operations.

Asset Tracking

Multi-user, cloud-based applications for tracking assets across known and unknown facilities. 24/7 access to critical metrics, alerts, monitoring and analysis.

Illuminate areas of leakage and loss that cost your business money and opportunity. Reduce OPEX, risk, excess inventory and leakage.

Download Asset Tracking Solution Overview

Goods Visibility and Quality

Delivered as a service, our Goods Visibility and Quality solutions provide end-to-end visibility, from producer to retailer, of the conditions that can impact goods quality. They also enable collaboration across supply chain partners to optimize processes and margins.

The combination of data science techniques and domain specific algorithms allow for the optimization of supply chain costs, operations and goods quality.

Download Goods Visibility and Quality Solutions Overview

The Brambles Intelligence Exchange™ (BRIX)

Brambles Intelligence Exchange™, (BRIX), is a purpose built engine that receives information gathered from digital devices that are seamlessly integrated with pallets, containers or RPCs.

BRIX provides a platform for Data Structure, Collaboration, Algorithms, Workflows, Secure Identity and Predictive Analytics, all of which combine to deliver the insights customers need to identify trouble spots and inefficiencies within their supply chain. BRIX users have access to a variety of KPIs and reports that show asset and goods flows and their condition.

The Brambles Intelligence Exchange™ (BRIX)

Solutions are currently available for pilot engagements. If you are interested in learning about how to participate, contact us or request a demo to learn more.

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