Know the state and location of your goods as they move through the supply chain

Understand and plan for product distribution bottlenecks and inefficiencies that impact quality and time to market

Leverage real data and insights to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase sustainability

Experience a more connected, intelligent and efficient supply chain

# Assets Deployed 31,042
# Customer loads tracking 6,500
# Journeys monitored 30,000
# Temperature readings 2,000,000

BXB Digital leverages innovative digital and IoT technologies to deliver data-driven end-to-end visibility and collaboration for the supply chain. Our experienced supply chain and technology experts bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the logistics management, distribution and asset tracking industries. Our software solutions are purpose built to address today's operational, quality, sustainability and business challenges for the Perishable, Frozen, Fresh, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

Asset Tracking

Multi-user, cloud-based applications for tracking assets across known and unknown facilities. 24/7 access to critical metrics, alerts, monitoring and analysis.

How we are different

Data-Driven Software Solutions

Cloud-based proprietary software solutions provide near real-time monitoring and analysis, tracking, inventory management, performance evaluation and visibility into goods movement and condition.

Digitized Assets

A variety of device technologies are integrated with our shipping platforms for a range of data acquisition and connectivity capabilities, facilitating the conversion of physical movement into valuable data information.

Integrated Operations

Seamless integration of digitized platforms, operations and processes means no cost to own or maintain, and no disruption of existing logistics management operations.

The Brambles Intelligence Exchangeâ„¢ (BRIX)

A scalable, multi-party network engine in the cloud for data collection and automation, contextualization, predictive algorithms and supply chain collaboration. BRIX connects and manages flows across enterprises into a "network of networks," to connect and transact via electronic information across organizations globally.

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Meet Our Team

BxB Digital, A Brambles Company

Brambles' purpose is to connect people with life's essentials, every day. Our pallets, crates and containers form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain. Our 300 million+ assets are continuously in motion, across 60 countries. Customers know us through CHEP, and the world's biggest brands trust us with the products that matter.

Brambles CHEP

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