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Experience a more connected, intelligent and efficient supply chain

Now more than ever global industries thrive at the intersection of supply and demand. Consumers and businesses alike rely on trusted relationships and efficient logistics to make the world, and their products and services therein, go round.

At BXB Digital, technology and data intelligence come together to make the invisible, visible. We combine network concepts, enterprise supply chain expertise, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide transparency throughout the supply chain.

Customers benefit from a more connected, intelligent and efficient supply chain that builds trust, fosters collaboration, and identifies growth opportunities like never before.


We promote visibility of goods throughout the supply chain and view the system as a whole rather than a sum of individual parts. We shed light on the quality of goods as they travel from manufacturer or grower to the consumer and everywhere in between.


We apply technological expertise and big data intelligence to deliver insights that our partners across the supply-chain ecosystem can use to reimagine new possibilities and raise the bar as a catalyst for change.


We move beyond traditional boundaries to drive 360-degree visibility and supply-chain collaboration. By combining data from physical platforms, digitized operations and eco-system processes, we enable innovative business models.

What We Deliver

Data-driven intelligence and digital innovations that build upon Brambles' supply-chain solutions.

Harness our logistics assets and supply-chain operations to generate data.

Synthesize multiple sources to identify growth opportunities.

Transform data into services that track goods, optimize operations and improve supply-chain efficiency.

Who We Are

BXB Digital is a newly-established provider of data-driven supply chain visibility and logistics solutions. Launched in March 2016 by the global supply-chain logistics company, Brambles, BXB Digital combines physical platforms with Internet of Things technologies that go beyond traditional boundaries to provide a more connected, intelligent and efficient supply chain.

BXB Digital harnesses the scale, supply-chain expertise and insights that come from Brambles´┐Ż end-to-end involvement in the world's supply chains. Today, Brambles owns and manages over 550 million pallets, crates and containers that are shared and reused amongst supply chain participants in more than 60 countries, serving consumer goods, fresh produce, beverage, retail, general manufacturing, automotive and other industries. Through Brambles´┐Ż sustainable, circular business model customers are able to transport their goods through their supply chains more safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Brambles is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:BXB) and primarily operates through its CHEP and IFCO brands.

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